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Webinar Alert: Financing a Just Transition (February 29th, 2024 @ 12 CET)

About the new « Just Transition Finance » report released by United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and International Labour Organization . An opportunity to hear from top financial experts and to participate to the live Q&A.

Click please to register and to read the report

Mastercard Foundation‘s call for WAEMU area application by 31 Jan. 2024 . Kindly see the reference terms and conditions herewith

Events & Calls

WIA Call for applications

for non-profit organizations from January 16 to February 24, 2023 

« Become a digital expert » : you can apply for a scholarship from Bertelsmann at Udacity’s online academy. Because digital education takes you further.

Fédération Belge des Fondations Philanthropiques
Présentation du Forum International « Stand Speak Rise Up »